Training Kitchen 

Proton’s Training Kitchen is the first kitchen build by School of Tourism, Hospitality and Environmental Management. It has served the first graduate for the Bachelor of Hospitality Management until nowadays this kitchen operated as a place for Principle of Food Preparation Class, Bachelor of Hospitality Management. 


Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant

D’Hospitality Training Restaurant and Kitchen operates as a place for Commercial Food Preparation Class and also Food and Beverage Service Class. This training restaurant and kitchen was built for teaching and learning purpose whereby the student will learn how to manage a restaurant, serve customers, prepare food and beverage and many more. The kitchen consists of a pastry kitchen and commercial kitchen and the restaurant can accommodate up to 40 guests. 


Training's Hotel


EDC-UUM starts its operation in September 2006. The concept is to provide hotel standard products and services and move forward to fulfil its market needs. It is the only premise in Sintok area with the concept of hotel and seminar facilities. EDC has spacious guest rooms and is elegantly decorated to complement both business and leisurely pursuits. It gives exposure for the students so that they can experience real hospitality life.


University Inn is under Unitama Management Holding Sdn. Bhd. (UMHSB), University Utara Malaysia (UUM). UTTSB was formed on August 7th 2002 for its needs and demanding in touring management not only for UUM staff, but for all surroundings community. University Inn located inside Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman. Hospitality’s Student will hands-on their Housekeeping skills in the practical class at The University Inn. 


Computer Labs

Tourism and Hospitality students also will learn software that could be used in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry such as SABRE RED and IFCA for front office management. The computer labs in Universiti Utara Malaysia are comfortable and fully equip with the system.