The Bachelor of Tourism Management degree emphasises on management aspects that allow the university to produce graduates who are not only knowledgeable in the tourism sector alone but also have the expertise and skills in various aspects of tourism management and organizational leadership. In addition, students also get exposure in a variety of knowledge such:

  • MICE Management
  • Event Management
  • Tour Operation Management
  • Sport Tourism
  • Heritage Resource Management
  • Recreation Management
  • Tourism Transportation


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the fundamental knowledge of tourism management, covering all aspects of the industry.
  • Apply knowledge and skills of tourism-related theories, concepts and operations in real job settings.
  • Apply thinking and scientific skills in problem-solving that relate with others at work and in the community.
  • Communicate effectively through all modes and function in culturally diverse, gender- diverse and multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Exhibit social skills, accept accountability, and assume responsibility in the work environment and society.
  • Participate in lifelong learning, career advancement activities, and keep up-to-date with knowledge and issues of ICT.
  • Identify, plan and execute commercially viable projects related to the tourism industry.
  • Perform duties and responsibilities in professional and ethical manner.
  • Exhibit leadership qualities at work and in the society.