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1. Where is STHEM UUM located?

STHEM Universiti Utara Malaysia UUM) is located in Sintok, Kedah, which is a state in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysia is a rapidly growing nation in Southeast Asia, being neighbours with Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia

2. Can you tell me more about STHEM?

The School of Tourism, Hospitality and Environmental Management (STHEM) offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The STHEM strives to produce professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality management who are able to engage in coordinating position in different service sector and contribute to the growth and continuous improvement of the industry.

3. How many courses do STHEM offers?

            a)         Undergraduate

  • Bachelor of tourism management (hons)
  • Bachelor of hospitality management (hons)

            b)         Postgraduate

  • MSc Tourism & Hospitality Management (By Research)
  • PhD - Tourism & Hospitality Management

4. May I know the admission requirements for bachelor of tourism and hospitality management?

To find out the requirements for admission for each type of qualification, please click at the relevant category.        

For Malaysian Student

For International Student

5. How about admission procedures?

For Malaysian, the application should be submitted through UPU (http://upu.mohe.gov.my/)

For International Applicants, the application for Admission for Undergraduate Programme Download Form

The form should be sent to:

            Admission, Records & Promotion Unit                                     
            Academic Affairs Department 
            Universiti Utara Malaysia 
            06010 SINTOK 
            KEDAH MALAYSIA 
            For enquiries, please contact: 
            Telephone : +6049283168 / 3107 / 3169 / 3174 
            Fax : +6049283109


6. What will it cost?

 Fees structure (local) download

 Fees structure (international) download


7. What facilities are provided?

a)         Training Kitchen

Training Kitchen at Proton’s DPP is the first kitchen managed by the School of Tourism, Hospitality and environmental management. It has been used to train Hospitality Management students for Principle of Food Preparation Course since 2004. Equipped with adequate number of kitchen utensils and equipment, it provides students with comfortable environment to   enhance their technical skills.

b) Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant (D’Hospitality Restaurant)                                               

D’ Hospitality Training Kitchen and Restaurant is the training ground for two courses, Commercial Food Preparation and Serving. These two courses prepare students to work in the industry. At the D’ Hospitality Training Kitchen and Restaurant, students cook and serve the food to real customers who pay and expect to receive value for the money spent. The kitchen is   complete with a separate room for pastry. The storage areas are well defined and they comprised of a dry store and a walk in-freezer. The  design and layout of D’ Hospitality Training   Kitchen and Restaurant is similar to those in the hospitality industry.

c) Training Hotel (EDC & Uni Inn)

EDC-UUM starts its operation on September 2006. The concept is to provide hotel standard products and services and move forward to fulfil its market needs. It is the only premise in Sintok area with concept of hotel and seminar facilities. EDC has spacious guest rooms and are elegantly decorated to complement both business and leisurely pursuits. EDC exposes Hospitality Management students to a hotel property ambiance and atmosphere, and provides them with the opportunity to gain the hotel industry work experience.

d) The University Inn

It is another avenue for Hospitality Management students to enhance their practical skills. The University Inn is under Unitama Management Holding Sdn. Bhd. (UMHSB),   University Utara Malaysia (UUM). UTTSB was formed on August 7th 2002 for its needs and demanding in touring management not only for UUM staff, but for all surroundings community. University Inn located inside Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah Darul  Aman. Hospitality’s Student will hands-on their Housekeeping skills in the practical class at The University Inn.

e) UUM Computer Lab

UUM computer lab is equipped with software and systems used in the Tourism and Hospitality industry such as ABACUS and IFCA. Trainings on these systems equipped students with the necessary skills required in the industry. The effectiveness of the training is guaranteed as students are provided with sufficient number of computers to practice.



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